More Writer’s Blogs

Continuing in my quest to highlight the writer’s blogs that I like and you should read, I give you three more samples of most excellent blogging:

  • The Unfocused Life: Always crazy, sometimes wrong, or so he says.
  • Something She Wrote: A mom, a writer and a christian all at the same time. Oh and a latte drinker to boot!
  • Headdesk: For the moments when your novel doesn’t make sense and what to do about it. I would listen to her if I where you!

So these are the new entries on the “blogs from writers I like” or should I say the “writer’s blogs I like to read” or some such. Until next time….


5 comments on “More Writer’s Blogs

  1. I love writer’s blogs! Thanks for the heads up!


  2. Thanks for linking to me, Ralfast! I just popped over from AW; I had no idea I was on this list. Made my day 🙂



  3. Hi there,
    Perhaps you’d like to check out my blog, likeasinglemom.wordpress.com.
    Pamela Kripke


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