The Post NaNo Blues (or a convinient excuse for why I ain’t done $#@!)

I finished NaNo! Huzzah! Hooray! Yippe-kay yay!

Now that we got that out of the way, lets get down to business. Procrastination, that evil hobgoblin (wait, has anyone known a hobgoblin that is not evil, except in a D&D campaign, never mind) that hunts writers everywhere. Yes, right now I should be working THE novel (you can scroll down the page and you can click on the link and read the first first chapter), polishing the final chapters, expanding the sub plots and generally preparing for the upcoming Beta. Instead I am writing about what I am not doing, should be doing but clearly I am not.

Now what does this have to do with NaNo?

Nothing much really. Yes, NaNo was challenging, exhausting and exhilarating. Makes it the third project I’ve written this year (so far).  And while I was pounding away at it I set Neither Here nor There…. to the side, intent on finishing the second draft just as soon crossed the finish line on November 30th. So I guess I am suffering from the post-NaNo/major project blues. Coming down from the nerve racking high of transferring your thoughts from neurons to electrons. I’m still writing, mind you. I sit down every day and scribble notes while zipping coffee while planning my next project. Yet the idea of completing the second draft terrifies me.

Truth is am afraid of what comes next.

The Beta.

The point where your precious little creation goes semi-public. When you throw the baby with the bath water into the middle of the pool and hope it can swim across before the resident alligator tears it to pieces. The time to face the facts (as Amy so eloquently put it in the comment section of her blog):

  • Will they hate it?
  • Can I really write?
  • Are my characters interesting? (especially my sometimes whiney main character)
  • Is it *fixable*? (that worries me less, but still…)

Above all else, do I have a story worthy of publication. That is the big one. I have no illusions (no real illusions anyway) of instant success but it would be nice to have a book that sells and puts me in the path transforming my writing into a worthwhile career (OK, by illusions I meant not instant million dollar advances, just so that we are clear on that). Maybe a movie deal down the line (an indy movie OK). Who knows. But guess what, none of that will happen unless I get cracking. So without further ado, I’m getting back to work.

See ya!

4 comments on “The Post NaNo Blues (or a convinient excuse for why I ain’t done $#@!)

  1. Lol, I promised myself I wouldn’t look at my story for one week… i think i’m going to break that rule though and look at it tomorrow :-P.


  2. ack 😦 it submitted…

    Cuz I know if I didn’t make that rule, I’d be procrastinating anyway :-P.


  3. Congratulations on finishing NaNoWriMo. You, sir, are full of win.


  4. @thought: It happens, no worries.

    @Unfocused Me: Glad to see you back. I should have thrown your name in the Blogs that I like. Oh well, thanks for the kind words and I’ll put your name up next week, I promise!


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