My Favorite Writers Blogs

In no particular order I present a list of blogs of, about writing and for writers that I check everyday:

Go visit them and enjoy!

7 comments on “My Favorite Writers Blogs

  1. Thank you. There are so many blogs out there about writing, it’s nice to see what others are doing and to have recommendations.


  2. Hey! Thanks for recommending my blog!

    I’ll check out the others as well.


  3. Aha, I finally figured out who you are on AW! I’m slow like that. 😀

    Thanks for the mention!!!


  4. @Pamela: Its crazy out there in the World Wild Web. Glad I could help.

    @Wendy: No problem. I recommend what I like. The more the merrier. That and I miss my time in NYC.

    @Amy: No problem, its not like I made it easy or anything LoL. Thank you for the great advice!


  5. I read most of those blogs, but I will have to check out the others that are not on my reading list.


  6. Thanks so much! I’m glad you like my blog!


  7. Great blog and I get to learn about YA novels (especially Twilight) without having to read it. Although I should give a few more titles beyond HP a try.


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