Laughs, Kids and Something Else Entirely

Thank you Carol. Now for the story at the top of the hour: What is funny to me?

I skipped ahead on the August Blogchain started by my new friends over at the AbsoluteWrite.com forums but having fixed that faux pas I am back in rotation. So far humor dominates the post along the chain with the recent post concentrating on family and children. Mom’s Write over at her blog (Return Engagement) talked about her kids use of certain words in public. A mortifying experience and therefore funny. Not blessed with children of my own, as off yet, mostly because I haven’t found a woman that would have the two sets of twins I would want… wait I hear a knock at the door….

Author steps away from his computer and opens his apartment door. Outside a large crowd angry women glare at me, their leader deigns to speak to the author “Four kids! Two sets of twins, two kids at a time!”

“Would be nice” the Author said.

“No way, no how, not ever” the crowd shouted.

“Duly noted ladies, now if you don’t mind I have a blog post to edit. Thank you for your input” Author said as he closed the door and fled to his desktop.

Where was I? Ah yes, not blessed with children I can’t conjure a story about their uncouth behavior in public, I would be remiss even to try. I could fake it, after all that is part of the craft, but lets leave that to the pages of fiction, shall we?

So what then?

We know that kids can be funny, so can bodily functions and so to baby names for certain parts of the human anatomy. For me funny is anything that is truthful. That which strips away conceit and asks us to accept things as they truly are.  You can’t fake funny even if the joke makes reference to fictional people and places. If it doesn’t ring true, it ain’t funny.

So keep the pee-pee stories coming, cause God knows we all need a laugh.

Back to the blog chain with Polenth over at Polenth’s Quill.

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10 comments on “Laughs, Kids and Something Else Entirely

  1. Kids are funny. Their ability to amuse is pretty much the only perk of the whole parenting gig. BTW I have a good friend who has 2 sets of twins. She’s very well organized. 🙂


  2. I guess there is something to the joy of parenting after all. As for your friend, I bet she is!


  3. Do you really want to have twins?


  4. Well to be honest I would not be doing the heavy lifting the first 9 months but as an only child I would like my children to have siblings. Twins seems to be both rare and great. Of course, the reality will probably be very, very different, if it happens at all.


  5. If you’re going to have twins, buy a set of hand weights. You need to work on those arm muscles before they’re born…


  6. Already have a pair. Which reminds me I have to work out today!


  7. As the mother of two, I cringe at the thought of twins. One at a time is PLENTY. My kids are hilarious and keep me laughing. I wouldn’t have a blog if it weren’t for them.


  8. I think if I had twins I would need to be sedated often.


  9. Kids are more in the ‘scary’ category for me 😉


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