The Middle Passage: End of Chapter 2

Done with chapter 2! Huzzah! Took awhile, harder to write than the first part. I made this second podcast discussing some of the work. Yes it is terribly self-absorbed, thank you very much. Extremely egotistical…you got it out of you system yet? Anyway, I talk about my writing (or poor excuse thereof) add a bit of spice with a few songs and, thats pretty much it.

Talking about songs, the soundtrack gets expanded to include:

The last song its in Spanish, the lyrics of which you can read here.

I thought this might be a nice addition to the cast:

Unnamed Government Inspector- John Cleese

2 comments on “The Middle Passage: End of Chapter 2

  1. Interesting so far. I haven’t yet listened to the podcast yet, (They don’t mind me reading, but listing to something at work is a big no-no) so I won’t pester you with my questions till latter. It’s good to start to learn more about Antiono and his father. I also like how you covered the intimacy issue earlier in the chapter. Keep up the good work.


  2. If you have iTunes, you can download it from there or I can send you a copy to a valid email address. If your interested, send me an email to ralfast@yahoo.com. I suggest you don’t post an email address here because the spam bots would be all over it.

    Thank you for your support….


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