Chapter 1: The End of the Begining

Well, so far so good. The first chapter is done, more or less. The project is going better than expected, although I haven’t necessarily kept my promise to write something every day. But so far the story is progressing rather nicely. We have the main characters, a setting of sorts, (will have to re-write that one, anybody have a good idea for a town name in England’s west country?) and the beginning of a solid plot. Like I said before, this is a work in progress, but I like what I done so far.

My first problem was that the story started rather gloomy, with talk of death, family strife and inheritances, but I hope that I have liven the mood a bit. If anything story is more of a comedy than a dark depressing drama, which means I will have to inject a bit more humor in the first few post, just to balance the dreary opening. Hopefully Chapter 2 will be more amusing than Chapter 1.

But their are a few things missing. I envision this as a web novel/movie script of sorts so it needs music and a cast. I already thought of a few well known actors that could (eventually if ever) play some of the roles:

Cast (so far)

Alan Rickman as Mr. McMillan

Simon Pegg as Charles/Charlie

Paul Bettany as the young Vicar

Nick Frost as James/Jimmy (You can’t have Simon without Nick)

Rupert Grint as Michael

Emma Watson as Michelle

Billy Piper as Cristina (tentatively) although for some reason another Dr. Who/Torchwood alum may fill the role nicely, Eve Myles

(Video of Eve here)

Michelle Ryan (maybe) as Patty although Billy and Michelle could switch, if Michelle doesn’t wear anything like this! Not that I mind of course! 🙂

That is an overview of what I see when I write about certain characters. But a movie needs a soundtrack as well so I made a short list of songs I thought would set the mood. Here is a short list of the songs so far (for a podcast with more commentary and the soundtrack click here):

  • The Decemberist-Summersong
  • Reidnoise-Nice Voyage to Nowhere
  • Massive Attack-Two Rocks and a Cup of Water
  • Propellerheads-History Repeating
  • U2- Sweetest Thing

And the mixtape is here.

So that is it, for far, but more is to come in the upcoming days. Thank you all for your support!

Oh and here is a little something extra!

2 comments on “Chapter 1: The End of the Begining

  1. Hello! we love Michelle Ryan in Spain.


  2. […] blog earlier today and the subject was music to write by. I’ve made it a habit of creating “soundtracks” for each one of my projects. In fact I write scenes with specific music in mind and this project […]


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