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Sunday Tweet: What Will Pottermore Know?

Tweet of the Day: What Will Pottermore Know? ——- I found a sight that combines two of the things I love, the Harry Potter books and my love for writing. Harry Potter for Writers! How can you go wrong with that combination? You can’t. You won’t. It is not possible. And the post I link […]

Sunday Tweet: Setting the Scene

Tweet of the Day: Setting the Scene ——– I stumbled on this post while on Tweetdeck. Now the title is simple enough, but what really hooked me was the part that the author left out: Setting the Scene (Through Dialogue) The author describes a simple improv excersise to establish a scene using three pieces of […]

Sunday Tweet: Branding 101

Tweet of the Day: Branding 101: Online Brand vs. Author’s Brand ——- Branding, you heard the term before and it is the subject of today’s tweet. Also known as a writer’s Platform or Presence. It’s the reason why a) I run two serials every week (Wizards’ World War on Wednesdays and Severus the Rogue on […]

Sunday Tweet: How to Avoid the Trap of Making Your Characters Unlikable

Tweet of the Day: How to Avoid the Trap of Making Your Characters Unlikable ——– The subject of this Sunday’s tweet (see link above) is characters, specifically how to avoid making your characters unlikable. You want your readers to connect with your story and that means connecting with your characters. Sure, most people don’t like […]

Sunday Tweet: Dumbest and Smartest

Tweet of the Day: Dumbest and Smartest (Things you done on your way to publication) ——– A few things first: Thank you to all you (silent but) loyal readers you seem to pop up when I need you the most with cheerful comments and helpful insight. :D A change in serial publication: I will no […]

Sunday Tweet: Fangs for the Memories

  Tweet of the Day: Fangs for the Memories ——– I know, an incredibly lame pun. But sometimes you just have to roll with it, as did Diane Dooley in her post about the fading vampire (with a short story bonus!) Sure you can find vamps everywhere, but that’s the problem. They went from dark […]

Sunday Tweets: How to write a Query Letter

Tweet of the Day: How to write a Query Letter ——- The dreaded query letter. Unless you already jumped into the self publishing bandwagon, you are still doing the publishing rounds, and that means: Write Book Revise Book Re-write Book Write Query Letter Get Agent Revise Manuscript (again) Offer Manuscript to Publishers (through agent) Sell […]

Sunday Tweets: Pants of Fire

Tweet of the Day: Pants on Fire ——- This Sunday tweet is brought to you by the letter P for Plagiarism. pla·gia·rism [pley-juh-riz-uhm, -jee-uh-riz-] Show IPA –noun 1. the unauthorized use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one’s own original work. 2. something used and […]

Sunday Tweets: Science Fiction as a Genre

Tweet of the Day: Why Science Fiction May Not Be A Genre ——– I found the post linked to above as a well executed and fascinating read on science fiction in general. The thrust of the post revolved around science fiction as a genre. It incorporates over one-hundred and fifty years of works, in book, […]

Sunday Tweet: The Dark Side of Self-Publishing

Tweet of the Day: The Dark Side of the New Age of Self-Publishing ——- A sucker is born every minute, or at least the chance to part a fool from his money. In the writing world, self-publishing is root of many chances. Over at storyfix.com, a blogger relates how he was approached by Lifetime (yes […]


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