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TV Tropes Monday: Ghost Ship

    Tweet of the Day: The Dark Underbelly of May ——- I’ll be honest. I’m using this trope in lieu of the trope I wanted.  A deserted ship, maybe floating in the middle of the sear or beached somewhere. Might even be found in an odd place, like in the middle of the desert. […]

TV Tropes Monday: Space is an Ocean

Tweet of the Day: So it’s Sunday ——- You know the drill…is that the klaxon and a midshipman saying over the ship’s comms that this is in fact not a drill? Are we not passing through a nebula like it was a fog bank? And why are ships lining up to fire at each other […]

Space for Rent: Fiction as a Reflection of Reality

Tweet of the Day: A Perfect Red ——- Art is a mirror of reality. Art is part of reality, as surely are the mirror is part of the room it resides in. No matter how distorted the image, it is just a reflection and just as revealing. Fiction, as a subset of the art of […]

Moonstruck: A Writer’s Challenge

Tweet of the Day: Keep Slow Things Moving Tension and Foreboding ——- Seeing how lazy I am, I decided to combine my Songwriter’s Challenge- Songwriter’s Story Challenge: Pick a song you like. Write a story based on, about or inspired by the song/lyrics. A link to the song itself (lyrics or youtube video) would help. […]

Sci-Fi: The Setting is the Thing

Tweet of the Day: Don’t Write the Bland and Boring ——– A Long Time Ago, In a Galaxy Far, Far Away….. In fiction, setting includes the time, location, and everything in which a story takes place, and initiates the main backdrop and mood for a story. Setting has been referred to as story world [1] […]

The Musical Chairs Blogfest: Countdown

This is my entry in this month’s Absolute Writer Water Cooler. The idea goes something like this: Why don’t we do a blogfest related to genres? A sort of musical chairs. As in, why don’t we all list our names, websites and preferred genre. Then through a fair and scientific method *cough* drawing names from […]

Blue: The Color of My Imagination

A blog chain! Haven’t done one of these in a few months. Especially those from the Absolute Writer Water Cooler. I just  missed them. To resolve that little problem I kept my peepers on the screen and managed to get on the august one early on. So what is this Blog Chain about? According to […]

The Trunk Space in the Back of Your Head

What is the difference between a writer and someone who wants to write? As the story goes (and you can find a version of this story in any writer’s blog and/or magazine), the would be writer has a great idea for a book, which has simmered in the back of his/hers mind for years but […]

BSG was not the best show on television.

And if it was, then American television sucks! “What are you talking about?” “Battlestar Galactica was the best show on….” No it was not. I say this as a disgruntled fan. I abandoned the show when the humans decended to Hell, or should I say New Caprica. Until that moment I defended the show every […]


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