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Mass Effect/AEC: Chaper 5 (c.2)- BFG

Tweet of the Day: In Defense of Fanfiction ——– Aboard the SSV Kursk SR-3, In orbit around Rannoch, Tikkun System, Perseus Veil, October 4, 2196 I stood watch on the bridge a step behind the helmsman’s chair. Councilor Sparatus speech to the Conclave played in the background. Ace kept one eye the ship’s status and […]

Mass Effect: Negotiations

  Tweet of the Day: The Return of Pulp ——– The backroom’s walls thrummed to the rhythm of the music coming from Gozu district least reputable dance bar. A cone of light illuminated the poker table top in the middle of the room. Jotun,  Beyond‘s batarian owner, sat at the table surrounded by bodyguards. Smoke […]

Weekedn Roundup: November 24-30

Tweet of the Day: False Equivalency: Selfies and Diversity in SFF ——– <Looks at the calendar> Oh, boy! The year, the year she is gone already! I expect it will start to snow soon on my blog (it’s a WordPress thing). That might also explain my sudden impulse to write short stories.  Long time readers […]

Mass Effect AEC/ANN Entertaiment News: Champions of the Terminus

Tweet of the Day: Holy War in The Song of Roland: The ‘Mythification’ of History ——— From: Alliance News Entertainment Desk October 3, 2196 “Champions of the Terminus” by Joan Calder MILGROM, BEKENSTIEN – Star Wolf Productions announced a new mid-season replacement for their Spring/Autumn (see extranet Link- Earth Global Calendar) lineup, “Champions of the […]

Mass Effect: Alliances

Tweet of the Day: What do a tortured vampire and a poisoned witch have in common? ——— “You wanted to see me, Wrex,” said Clan Chief Turtman. Wrex stood in a balcony overlooking the Kelphic valley, “Yeah. Good work on Lorek.” “It was easy. The only real opposition was inside the bomb factory. The local […]

Mass Effect: Dragon Riders

  Tweet of the Day: Grotesque ——— Los Dragones Training Range,  Bekenstein, Boltzmann System, Serpent Nebula <RED AIR CLEAR> <ROGER ALPHA ONE, DELTA TWO-NINER ON APPROACH. MUSIC ON> Rodan Quintus tracked Delta squadron ingress into the target area on the holo table. The movement of the holographic symbols matched their counterparts across the valley. Fighter […]

Mass Effect/AEC: ANN News- Heroic Bystanders Stop Gunman

Tweet of the Day: ——– ANN News Desk From Alliance News Desk on the Citadel October 3, 2196 Heroic Bystanders Stop Gunman on Citadel by Amita Quita CITADEL, KITHOI WARD- Several bystanders, mostly batarians, tackled a batarian gunman who opened fired on festival kiosks in Kithoi Ward. The kiosks in question were setup by a […]

Mass Effect: Liberation

Tweet of the Day: A Little Old Jazz ——– Combat boots trampled fresh snow into mud. This refugee camp at the edge of the New Canton colony was like a dozens others he visited during the last ten years , a hive of pre-fabs stacked three and four high. This one shivered under a steel […]

Mass Effect/AEC: Gaming Galaxy-Grand Terminus Alliance Breaks Sales Records

Tweet of the Day: Banned Books: The Editors ———– Gaming Galaxy: Grand Terminus Alliance Breaks Sales Records Serpent Nebula, Widow System, the Citadel, Zakera Ward ,October 3, 2196 Grick: Hello and welcome to another edition of Gaming Galaxy, with me, Grick, your favorite salarian gamer. On the show today we will be talking about Grant […]

Mass Effect/AEC Chapter 4 (c.2): Transit

Tweet of the Day: The Dawn Before the Dark ——— ——— Docking Bay A-12, The Presidium, The Citadel, Widow, Serpent Nebula, October 2, 2196 <DECONTAMINATION COMPLETE>, chimed the ship’s VI. The crew of the SSV Kursk waited in attention to welcome the ViP. The airlock opened and in stepped in a little asari. “Permission to […]


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