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Mass Effect/AEC:Turian Military Doctrine

Tweet of the Day: Dragon Slayers and Knuckerholes ——– Excerpt from Modern Galactic War by Paul Malthus, 3rd Edition , Made available for Extranet Scholastic Use by  The Institute of War and Diplomacy, Vancouver Metroplex, North American Union, Earth, 2190 (1st Edition published by Banabar Books in 2184). The Turian Army Turian military doctrine is […]

Mass Effect: Remember Us

Tweet of the Day: Sanctuary ——- Perkins waited until everyone else left the fare well party. He went over to his protege, the young turian who joined C-Sec eighteen months ago. In those months he taught him everything he knew about police work on the Citadel. How to read both species and individuals. How temper […]

Mass Effect/AEC: Chaper 5 (c.2)- BFG

Tweet of the Day: In Defense of Fanfiction ——– Aboard the SSV Kursk SR-3, In orbit around Rannoch, Tikkun System, Perseus Veil, October 4, 2196 I stood watch on the bridge a step behind the helmsman’s chair. Councilor Sparatus speech to the Conclave played in the background. Ace kept one eye the ship’s status and […]

Mass Effect: Negotiations

  Tweet of the Day: The Return of Pulp ——– The backroom’s walls thrummed to the rhythm of the music coming from Gozu district least reputable dance bar. A cone of light illuminated the poker table top in the middle of the room. Jotun,  Beyond‘s batarian owner, sat at the table surrounded by bodyguards. Smoke […]

Weekedn Roundup: November 24-30

Tweet of the Day: False Equivalency: Selfies and Diversity in SFF ——– <Looks at the calendar> Oh, boy! The year, the year she is gone already! I expect it will start to snow soon on my blog (it’s a WordPress thing). That might also explain my sudden impulse to write short stories.  Long time readers […]

Mass Effect AEC/ANN Entertaiment News: Champions of the Terminus

Tweet of the Day: Holy War in The Song of Roland: The ‘Mythification’ of History ——— From: Alliance News Entertainment Desk October 3, 2196 “Champions of the Terminus” by Joan Calder MILGROM, BEKENSTIEN – Star Wolf Productions announced a new mid-season replacement for their Spring/Autumn (see extranet Link- Earth Global Calendar) lineup, “Champions of the […]

Mass Effect: Alliances

Tweet of the Day: What do a tortured vampire and a poisoned witch have in common? ——— “You wanted to see me, Wrex,” said Clan Chief Turtman. Wrex stood in a balcony overlooking the Kelphic valley, “Yeah. Good work on Lorek.” “It was easy. The only real opposition was inside the bomb factory. The local […]

Mass Effect: Dragon Riders

  Tweet of the Day: Grotesque ——— Los Dragones Training Range,  Bekenstein, Boltzmann System, Serpent Nebula <RED AIR CLEAR> <ROGER ALPHA ONE, DELTA TWO-NINER ON APPROACH. MUSIC ON> Rodan Quintus tracked Delta squadron ingress into the target area on the holo table. The movement of the holographic symbols matched their counterparts across the valley. Fighter […]

Mass Effect/AEC: ANN News- Heroic Bystanders Stop Gunman

Tweet of the Day: ——– ANN News Desk From Alliance News Desk on the Citadel October 3, 2196 Heroic Bystanders Stop Gunman on Citadel by Amita Quita CITADEL, KITHOI WARD- Several bystanders, mostly batarians, tackled a batarian gunman who opened fired on festival kiosks in Kithoi Ward. The kiosks in question were setup by a […]

Mass Effect: Liberation

Tweet of the Day: A Little Old Jazz ——– Combat boots trampled fresh snow into mud. This refugee camp at the edge of the New Canton colony was like a dozens others he visited during the last ten years , a hive of pre-fabs stacked three and four high. This one shivered under a steel […]


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