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Wizards’ World War (s.2) Dispatch 14: London Calling Pt. III

Tweet of the Day: Do You Know the Two Ingredients in a Perfect Ending? ——- Season 1 – Dispatch (s.2) 1 – Dispatch 13 – Dispatch 15 ——- Ludgate Hill, City of London, UK, 26 July, 04:45 hrs GMT Gwen drop me off somewhere in the city hours ago. The wind whipped past me east, […]

My 30 Days of Writing-Day 7

A storm is brewing, our storm…. And its name is Earl. Stupid Earl! Nothing much, except a few strong gust, some rain and after six hours the power is back on (hence I’m writing this and trying to post before it skeeters away). Oh yeah, the question: 7. Do you listen to music while you […]

My 30 Days of Writing: Day 5

Well Lee, you wanted character questions, you got them! 5. By age, who is your youngest character? Oldest? How about “youngest” and “oldest” in terms of when you created them? Onto the question then. Youngest character? A recent story had a set of twins, in the womb/ You can’t get any younger than that (unless […]

My 30 Days of Writing-Day 4

4. Tell us about one of your first stories/characters! Cue the embarrassment. My first stories were highly derivative. I remember one short about a teenager talking how he made it to a shelter during a nuclear attack. Pretty boring stuff about driving through empty streets. Another story was a follow up to The Sentinel by […]

My 30 Days of Writing-Day 3

I don’t like Chihuahuas, just so you know. Okay, tonight’s question is: 3. How do you come up with names, for characters (and for places if you’re writing about fictional places)? Names, names are never easy. I either do one of two things, invent them on the fly or “borrow” names from history books or […]

I am an…Anglophile.

    Yeah, I admit it. I admit that I’m: An Anglophile is a person who is fond of English culture. In some cases, anglophilia represents an individual’s appreciation of English history. Alongside anglophiles who are attracted to ‘traditional’ English culture (e.g. Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Dr. Johnson, Gilbert and Sullivan), there are also anglophiles who […]

Just Another Blogfest

I guess I’m addicted to them. This time it’s the “Let’s Talk” Blogfest, brought to you by Roni Griffin of the Fiction Groupie blog. Cut and Paste Instructions: So for this blogfest, the rules are simple: 1.  On Tuesday May 18, post a short excerpt on your blog of your most sparkly dialogue scene (no, I’m […]

Ear Worm of the Week

Ear Worms (from the German phrase Ohrwurm) are those songs that weasel their way into your head like uninvited guests and then proceed to stink up the inside of your cranium by playing themselves there over. And over. And over. And over. They’re those songs that just get stuck in your head, and no amount […]

Harry Potter is in the building!

On the Music Player: Spiralling-Keane A while back I participated in a contest on Donna’s Bites blog (my entry is in the comment section under the name ralfast). Then she emailed me saying that I won and that the books were en route. Well they arrived today, Books 1-5 (UK adult paperbacks editions). I read […]


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